Complete peace of mind for you and your family

For most people, taking out private health insurance is about getting speedier treatment in the comfort of a private hospital or clinic.

Individual Health Insurance goes one step further. It is health insurance specifically designed to meet your (and your family’s) individual needs and wishes.

This means you get the chance to make informed decisions about your healthcare. Decisions such as:

  • Which hospital or specialist clinic you choose for treatment
  • Which specialist or consultant treats you or your family
  • What type of cancer care you receive
  • When you have your treatment
  • Even, which insurer you go with

So whether being closer to home is your top priority, having your own room with en suite facilities, or even having a say in the type of care you receive, you can choose a package to suit your needs.

Access to Healthcare is an independent brokerage. That means we can select the best plan to suit your needs from across a whole market place of insurers. And that also allows us to offer you highly competitive rates on individual and family plans.

Please give us a call if you’d like to learn more. We won’t give you the hard sell; we’ll just listen carefully to your needs and design the best package for you, leaving you free to make a decision in your own time with your family.

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