I would like to thank you personally and your team at ‘Access to Healthcare’ for your personal commitment and exceptional service provided to my wife and I.

Apart from the excellent service you always provide in helping to find the best health insurance that best suits our needs and where we benefit the most, I remember the time when I called you for some advice and indeed some help when I was dealing with my health Insurers in trying to set up a new claim for my wife and the problems I was having.

In essence, after examinations my wife was told by a leading consultant that she had a fairly large polyp in her bowel and that it should be removed as soon as possible as it would very likely become cancerous. I then contacted my medical Insurers informing them of the details and what needed to be done. I then expected them to agree and be supportive at this very difficult time. But, Instead I was surprised to hear them say that what I was asking for was considered by them to be preventative surgery and that they cannot agree to or support this as a medical claim.

Luckily the consultant agreed to perform this procedure under the NHS but by the time this was all organised, and the delay caused by my Insurers, unfortunately the polyp did turn cancerous, and quite aggressive by all accounts. I contacted Simon with the issue I was having with my Insurers and gladly the situation was resolved. So, once again, a big thank you to Simon and ‘Access to Healthcare’ for sorting this out. My wife is now being treated under private medical care and is receiving the necessary treatment she needs in keeping her cancer at bay.

On a personal note I strongly believe that somewhere there is a lesson to be learned by the medical insurance industry, and that is that prevention in many cases can be the cure. If you have to wait for something to happen and then look for the cure (which is what I was effectively told) then unfortunately this can be too late.

If anyone can champion this cause it’s Simon and ‘Access to Healthcare’, and to say that the White family are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with you and your team.


Raymond & Carole White