We are  pleased that some of our clients, have been happy to offer some feedback with respect to their experience in dealing with us. This we feel reflects our determination, to offer a professional honest service to all of who we deal with.

What our clients have to say

Thank you, Simon, for coming to my husband’s rescue when initially AXA PPP would not cover him for prostate investigations. Your help and knowledge of the intricacies of wording in the private healthcare system gave us the courage for one last attempt at overturning their initial refusal – and it worked!

I would recommend Simon Cross and the Access Team to anyone who needs help in sourcing the most suitable and cost effective Healthcare Company for themselves and their families.

Jean E Robson   FRCA


I have known Simon for about 7 years since he first arrange PHI for my wife and myself at a considerably discounted premium. More recently, he achieved the near impossible, moving my cover from a UK policy to full international cover while keeping my wife on our old policy which had been in my name. All this without any loss of cover or discounts and without exclusions even though both of us were receiving active treatment for on-going conditions. We certainly would not have achieved this without his help.

David Hirschowitz FRCS
Retired Orthopaedic Consultant.


‘Simon Cross helped me with my BUPA Doctor’s Health Insurance while he was working with that organisation.

He has now started his own business ‘Access to Health Care’ and has recently given me further excellent advice. He always takes care to understand my circumstances and has recently given me help even though this was not to his personal advantage. I recommend his services to all those who require unbiased advice and assistance. 

Geoffrey Walker FRCS

Over the years Simon has advised me about Medical Insurance. He has an in-depth understanding of the’ jungle’ and has always furnished,  considered advise. In my case in my favour.

He has a considerate manner and I have never felt that he was  keen to clinch a deal – most reassuring.He really is a person to reassess a renewal which invariably year by year becomes more expensive.

M.Singh FRCS
Retired Urological Surgeon

I asked Access to Healthcare to review my PHI arrangement which was longstanding and direct with an insurer, covering my wife, myself and the children.  They not only managed to make a significant saving for me but put forward a package that suited us completely, including some cover for existing conditions.   Their service was excellent and I was made to feel that they had known me for years.   I would not hesitate to recommend Access to Healthcare to friends and clients, some of whom I understand have taken up my recommendation.

Philip Bacon  –  Managing Director
Global Travel Insurance

Over the past few years I have become increasingly concerned that my wife and I cannot rely confidently on the NHS delivering health care to the standards we would expect.

Furthermore, as I approach retirement, I appreciate that after retiring I will not enjoy the close relationship I currently have with professional colleagues. Whilst I acknowledge I cannot expect an opinion from a colleague, as a professional courtesy outside normal referral pathways, the likelihood of being able to ask for that will not exist soon after retirement.

Another of my concerns was that if I continued to procrastinate my plans to secure private health cover, any new medical condition’s that either of us developed would not be covered, unless we had sorted out cover in advance.

Simon’s advice was important to me and his lifetime of experience and knowledge in this field was invaluable to us in choosing the right policy for our current and future private health care needs.

I have no hesitation in re-commending Simon to you. He is thorough, conscientious and his knowledge in this field is comprehensive.

George Moncrieff

This is the age in which huge insurance companies routinely communicate on first name terms with their millions of customers, but send out invoices for huge increases in annual premiums without a word of explanation.

This year the health insurance premium for me and my wife was raised by 50% without any medicaljustification. St George in the form of Simon Cross came to our rescue. After his immaculate, effective diplornacy, our premiums are now lower than before and with increased benefits. Would that he could take on the gas and electricity suppliers.

Dr Michael Denman
Retired MRC staff member and Consultant Clinical lmmunologist

“I had been looking for a while for a specialist broker to advise me in changing from one Health Provident Institution to another without incurring penalties,whilst reducing overall costs,when I was approached by Simon Cross of Access to Healthcare.

“With his help and advice I was able to transfer providers. This allows transfer without a medical examination. Its Continued Personal Medical Exclusion means that the new provider takes over the joining doctor’s health cover in its present state. Lastly the premium includes travel insurance. The overall cost proved to be £100 less per month than I was paying before.

“All this was achieved painlessly inside two weeks. There was no charge for Access to Healthcare’s services. Mr.Cross was at all times accessible and knowledgeable,and I commend him for his services.

“I am happy to recommend Access to Healthcare to any other doctor seeking to make a change or to advise on joining any private health scheme.”

G.E.T. Raine FRCS
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (Retired)

Having been reluctant to try and find my way through the myriad of options offered by the various health insurance companies in the market I was still prevaricating, albeit horrified by the fees of the private sector, when I was contacted by Access to Healthcare.

On meeting Simon Cross all my concerns fell away. I was hugely impressed at the service he provided. He listened to my requirements, came up with a choice of providers and offered sound advice without pressuring me in any direction.
And it was affordable.

Dr Carolyn Greenwood

Mr Simon Cross of Access to Healthcare has recently advised me about private healthcare insurance. He was instrumental in getting some �exclusions� removed from my existing policy. He reviewed my policy and considered the appropriateness of possible alternatives. Although no change was considered advisable, I am grateful for his diligent and knowledgeable review. I commend Mr Cross to others considering their healthcare insurance.

R N Grüneberg, M.D., FRCPath

ATH’s approach was very balanced, thoughtful and helpful through the minefield of options. Their objectivity is to be applauded.

Professor Robin Touquet
Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine, Imperial College

I am grateful to Simon Cross for his professional advice and thorough approach in making the options in Private Medical Insurance available to me. This is against a background of my paying considerably more for similar cover with another provider when I was contacted by Access to Healthcare.

The transfer from one scheme to another was done most efficiently. I now have the reassurance of comprehensive cover with reduced premiums. I have no hesitation in recommending Simon Cross and ATH to friends and colleagues.

Dr Carolyn Steven

Simon has a broad understanding of Private Sector Medical Insurance schemes. He has been most helpful in arranging transfer to BUPA from another overpriced scheme.

Doctor I Luke
London NW6

I want to thank you very warmly for your help. You gave me advice that resulted in an immediate halving of my (very expensive) premiums – as a result of what you told me, the company agreed to reduce my premiums immediately and did not demand that I waited until next year’s contract.

I cannot thank you enough, the savings are very considerable and I would never have thought of making the necessary change without your telling me about it.

Howard S Jacobs MD FRCP FRCOG
Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology

My medical colleagues had for sometime been advising me to take advantage of the B.U.P.A. Doctor’s Scheme but it was not until I received a telephone call from Mr. Cross that I was persuaded to change from my current provider.

The transfer was executed extremely efficiently in minimal time as my current annual premium was shortly due for renewal. Mr. Cross was very pleasant and knowledgeable and able to supply me with all relevant B.U.P.A. information and literature. I would not hesitate to recommend him to colleagues as a first class representative of Access to Healthcare.

Dr. S. Macvie, MRCPath.
Consultant Haematologist (retired)

“Access to Healthcare has been very helpful in enabling me to make a better choice of Medical Insurance Cover than I previously had before I was contacted by this Company.

“Importantly contact with the Access to Healthcare office by email or telephone has been easy and where appropriate telephone calls and emails have been promptly returned.

“My switch to another Medical Insurance Company has been seamless and the Schedules I have received have been exactly as described by Access to Healthcare. I feel reassured to be under the wing of Access to Healthcare for any future Medical Insurance Cover considerations.”

R.P. Hollingsworth

I am very happy to recommend Mr Cross for the courteous, professionanal and speedy way that he handled our insurance application.

Dr Jonathan Singer

“I am very happy to recommend Access to Healthcare. Following a meeting with Simon Cross he assessed my requirements for PHI prompted by dissatisfaction with my previous insurer .He quickly sourced the market, and found a competitive policy which halved my annual premiums.All the paperwork was handled efficiently and the transfer to the new provider went without any problems.”

Matthew Fletcher
Consultant Urologist

‘My wife (also a doctor) and I were very pleased with the service we received from Simon Cross. His long experience in the industry immediately became obvious. He was clearly aware of all the products on offer, and was very quickly able to suggest what might meet our needs and at a very competitive premium. Highly recommended.’

Dr R Reid

“Due to company expansion our health insurance bill was becoming a sizeable cost. We challenged Access to Healthcare to deliver us a comparable level of cover, maintain continuity of cover for all employees, minimise disruption for any transition to a new service provider and crucially, achieve significant cost savings. Access To Healthcare engaged with us and through fully understanding our requirements they delivered a highly successful outcome and importantly, kept us fully informed throughout the process.”

Brian O’Shea
CFO – ElectraLink Ltd

“I had been dithering for over a year before taking the plunge & setting up private health insurance; confused about the myriad products available & some of my patients experiences, it felt like swimming amongst a shoal of sharks & dolphins – not knowing which was which.

Simon Cross was recommended by a trusted colleague and very quickly helped me choose a very cost effective package that suited the individual needs of my wife & myself.

I was impressed by his comprehensive knowledge & unbiased recommendations. I would recommend anyone considering private health insurance to contact Simon.”

Chris Kingswood