Access to Healthcare strive to understand your needs, so together we make the right choices when selecting a policy for you. We take the time to research what policies are available to suit your particular needs, and then provide you with a choice of policies to fit your specific requirements, allowing you to make the right decision.

What we offer


Access to Healthcare are independent, this means we have the freedom to search the whole market place of insurers, to source the best policies for you. When selecting the variables for you, we are confident that we deliver the best options available.


Our objective is to provide advice that is based on unbiased research of the market, we strive to reach a fair and balanced view,  delivering the choices that you ought to have.


With over 20 years experience of our industry, we pride ourselves with the knowledge of knowing the market. We work hard at maintaining a keen awareness, staying up to date with any changes that may affect you.


Whether you are looking to trim your budget or you need extra cover, we are keen to source the best policy to fit your needs, it’s our job to find the best scheme for you.

 Our experience and expertise cover

 Which companies are efficient at the point of claim, for example:

  • Claim form or authorisation code
  • Who, where cancer is concerned provides the long term biological therapies such as Avastin and Herceptin without time frame
  • Excess’s how large or small is advisable
  • No claims discounts, who allows you to protect the discount and which companies do not enforce the no claims discount
  • Surgeons and anaesthetists fee limits, which companies are the most generous
  • Which companies are the best at covering pre-existing conditions when transferring
  • Price increases, who are increasing at the industry standard and who are beating this
  • Understanding chronic conditions and which insurers are happy to cover hypertension and cholesterol as standard
  • Understanding from an insurers view, what is considered maintenance or monitoring of a condition, versus an acute flare up ensuring a valid claim

Our Happy Clients

I want to thank you very warmly for your help. You gave me advice that resulted in an immediate halving of my (very expensive) premiums – as a result of what you told me, the company agreed to reduce my premiums immediately and did not demand that I waited until next year’s contract.

I cannot thank you enough, the savings are very considerable and I would never have thought of making the necessary change without your telling me about it.

Howard S Jacobs MD FRCP FRCOG
Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology